Top 5 Advantages of CNC Production Machining

CNC production machining provides computer numerically controlled production as opposed to manual operation of machinery and equipment. CNC machines have replaced traditional lathes, mills, grinders, routers and other manufacturing equipment requiring manual labor for operation. Precision CNC machine shops provide many advantages to both the machine shop and the customer with production operations, which are precise, consistent and exponentially faster.

Precision CNC Machine Shops Offer Many Advantages

Precision CNC machine shops incorporate modern technology to meet the demands of critical applications today. High-volume production of tight tolerance products requires consistency with the reliability to meet quick deadlines. CNC machining provides many advantages which include the following.

Advantages of CNC Production Machining

1. Precise and Accurate Production

Precision CNC machine shops offer their customers added assurances with reliable, error-free production. CNC machining provides consistent accuracy with repeatable positioning of multi-axis operations throughout high volume production processes. CNC machines are programmed to repeat the same exact cut, which is required for consistent production of many items.

2. Eliminate Internal Scrap

Internal scrap from costly mistakes creates unnecessary waste and significantly effects profitability. Scrap creates waste with material cost and additional labor to inspect and sort products. CNC technology improves machining for production with CAD CAM software, which provides optimum tool paths, finishing processes and cycle times based on product specifications. CNC simulation presentations identify optimum machining processes before cutting steel, eliminating waste and internal scrap.

3. Improve Quality and Customer Retention

Consistent CNC production machining improves product quality, which, in turn, improves the quality rating and business opportunities for the precision CNC machine shop. Improved quality benefits both the customer with quality product delivered on time while the machine shop benefits with customer retention and business growth opportunities.

4. Improve Throughput and Profitability

CNC machines significantly improve throughput with continual machining operations programmed for repeatability. They don’t need to stop for breaks or check their dimensions with proven accuracy. This continual operation improves production delivery lead times while reducing manual labor expenses, which allow precision CNC machine shops to offer competitive pricing while still experiencing improved profitability.

5. CNC Technology Provides Improved Capabilities

CNC computer programs are compatible with many other software programs, which greatly enhance the capabilities of a precision machine shop. CNC machines accept various design specifications and maintain modern compatibility with other programs, allowing for continual innovative design and production capabilities.

Working with a precision CNC machine shop provides many advantages with quality product, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

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