Top 3 Questions When Interviewing a New CNC Production Machine Supplier in Dallas

When an interview with a CNC machining in Dallas lands on your schedule, it’s important to prepare first. But rather than stress out and make a production of compiling an exhaustive list of queries, you can boil down the interview to three essential questions.

The answers should tell you what you need to know about the supplier’s standards, integrity and work ethic. For good measure, the ideal answers are included here, too.

Question 1:

Can you handle my product lines, from low-volume inception to high-volume production?

Ideal answer:

Yes, we can. We can scale from low-volume prototype volumes to high-volume production. We currently have five vertical CNC mills and are staffed with skilled machinists, 24 hours a day, five days a week. We can machine high-volume parts with tolerances of less than .001 with confidence. Precision isn’t just our goal; it’s our niche.

Question 2:

What quality systems do you have in place to ensure good products and on-time delivery?

Ideal answer:

Our pursuit of AS9100 and ISO certifications speak volumes. These quality management systems are similar to protocols and standards set by accreditation agencies to validate the veracity of programs offered by colleges and universities. The certification process is lengthy and requires a great deal of documentation, but the resulting seal of approval is crucial; it provides third-party assurance an enterprise meets standards of the highest quality. We are currently compliant with both quality management systems and will be fully certified by the end of 2016.

Question 3:

What value-added services do you provide?

Ideal answer:

We have an in-house assembly department for light or manual assembly requirements. We can fulfill, package and provide outside services, such as plating and engraving, to meet the requirements of our valued customers.

You can take the interview process to an entirely new level – and set the bar for your next CNC machining in Dallas supplier exceptionally high – when you ensure QT Manufacturing on your interview list.

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