Top 3 Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Prototype Manufacturing Company in Dallas

As you consider each prototype manufacturing company in Dallas, you may find it difficult to discern which organizations are right for you. Use these questions to learn more about your potential prototype vendor.

Q1. What prototype options are available for my plastic part?

You’ll want to look for a company that can offer you a variety of options to meet your specific needs. The right company will provide a consultative approach to this question. You’ll want to be sure your prototype vendor can fit your project specifications in terms of:

Do you need less than 1,000 parts, or does your order require an excess of 100,000 parts? Varying materials are optimal for different job sizes. For example, a job requiring less than 1,000 parts would be great for soft tooling aluminum, single cavity options that provide quick-turn mold builds.

Alternatively, bridge tool options using soft or hardened steel can allow you to market with volumes in excess of 100,000 parts with a slightly longer lead time, based on the architecture of the mold.

Q2. What quality systems are in place to ensure good product and on-time delivery?

Relevant certifications can set manufacturing companies apart from their competitors. As you speak to potential vendors, ask them more about the quality systems with which they’re compliant.

The prototype manufacturing company in Dallas you choose should be excited to tell you about the company’s efforts to continually improve and enhance its product quality by proactively seeking out certifications to reinforce the brand’s commitment to being the best.

You’ll want to look for a manufacturer who understands the quality standards of your particular industry. For example, if you work in the aviation, space, or defense industries, a manufacturer fully certified in AS9100C Quality Management Systems (QMS) will ensure your prototype meets regulations specific to your needs.

Be sure to ask about the company’s ISO certifications, as well. The ISO 9000 family of certifications specifically addresses quality management.

Q3. What Value-Added Services Do You Provide?

The more services you’re able to receive from a single vendor, the more turnkey your experience will be.

The following are a few value-added services that may ultimately help you decide between your top choices of manufacturing companies in Dallas:

  • In-house assembly departments for light or manual assembly requirements
  • In-house pad printing services
  • Fulfillment and packaging services
  • Outside services such as plating and engraving to meet more stringent parts requirements

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