Tips for Choosing a Precision CNC Machine Shop in Dallas, TX

Engineer Works in a CNC Machine Shop in Dallas, TX

When you want to find a CNC machine shop to manufacture your parts, it’s essential to consider factors that will impact your business in the short and long term. By focusing on long-term value, you’ll avoid the trap of falling for the lowest prices, which may also bring the most headaches and the lowest performance.

Choosing a company such as QT Manufacturing, with updated equipment, a wide customer base, and the capability to machine your parts quickly and accurately can provide many short and long term benefits. Here are some tips to follow when evaluating your top CNC machine shop picks.

Look for Long-Term Value

Long-term value means choosing a company that consistently produces high-quality parts without delays and costly mistakes. The best computerized numerical control (CNC) machining equipment requires a sufficient budget. So, don’t just look for the lowest price per part. Instead, factor in equipment quality and the end result you’ll want to see in your finished parts.

Quality CNC machine shops produce fine results because they’ve invested appropriately in their infrastructure. Sometimes, it’s better to choose the shop that delivers as promised rather than rushing to produce substandard parts.

Make Sure They Have the Capabilities To Produce Your Parts

Before placing your first order, make sure the CNC machine shop you choose can meet the tolerances and precision required by your clients. Here are a few questions to help you evaluate each company:

  • Does the company have the capability to mill, drill, turn and lathe?
  • Does the shop have four or five-axis capability?
  • Are they confident they can produce high-quality parts on time and within budget?

CNC machines should have multiple styles and functions available. For example, turning machines act as lathes and many parts require this capability for optimal outcomes. Additionally, you need to partner with a machine shop that can produce programmed shapes and accommodate different part sizes. For milling machines, look for two to five-axis shaping capabilities. Additional axes allow for precise work and minimize downtime.

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Verify the Shop Has Updated Equipment

You would not knowingly hire a company with outdated tools. Therefore, it’s important to verify the machines available to produce your parts. Expect more from your precision CNC machine shop. At QT Manufacturing, we have updated equipment and work carefully with clients to understand the requirements for each part.

Even if a shop has CNC machines that can fabricate large lots with extreme precision, the age of the equipment also plays an important role. Older equipment will have more issues, such as breakdowns that lead to downtime and delays. Therefore, choosing a more efficient machine shop with updated equipment can save you time and money in the long run.

Choose an ISO-Certified CNC Machine Shop With Exceptional Quality Control

Choosing a machine shop with ISO 9001 certification ensures that the company takes quality control seriously. This certification indicates that the machine shop holds itself to criteria set by the International Organization of Standards.

ISO 9001 certification focuses on:

  • Customer support
  • High-quality products or services
  • Communication

QT Manufacturing provides domestic manufacturing solutions with a commitment to high quality as part of our ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D rev D certifications. We offer an experienced team of journeymen mold makers, skilled processing technicians and engineers dedicated to meeting your product specifications and lead times with quality parts, delivered on time.

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On-Time Delivery is a Must!

Find out whether the company guarantees on-time delivery. The company you choose should offer a way to track your order. Find out the policies offered to ensure on-time delivery. If the company uses software to track complex orders, that’s a plus.

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At QT Manufacturing, we understand the importance of ISO certifications and in informing you with every policy and procedure in our machine shop. We would be happy to speak with you or set up a tour to discuss quality control measures and what guarantees are available to ensure high quality productions.

CNC machine shops with high levels of accuracy have properly calibrated equipment. As such, we have the capability to produce programmed parts consistently, efficiently and well. This is what you can expect from our team for every part, every time.

Choose QT Manufacturing if you need a CNC machine shop that facilitates plastic injection molds and parts. Our team has the skills and expertise to produce your complex or simple parts on time and within your quality standards. Contact us at 972-221-0537 to discuss our services or to get started today!