Why the Right Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company is Crucial

Standard plastic injection molding is a relatively straightforward process. But when custom plastic injection molding is required, QT Manufacturing stands apart from competitors.

Based in the US, QT Manufacturing designs and builds complex molds for a variety of applications and a range of domestic and international clients. To better serve clients, our 31,000-square-foot facility in Dallas, Texas, is outfitted with seven modern plastic injection mold presses ranging from 30 to 90 tons and advanced molding process equipment.

This equipment enables us to fulfill demanding custom plastic injection molding orders with speed and accuracy. Among our capabilities: injection molding plastic to precision tolerances of .001″.

But technology, no matter how sophisticated, requires a skilled workforce to implement it. QT Manufacturing’s engineers are experienced in working with precise specifications and adapting our manufacturing process to meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries.

For example, custom plastic injection molding often calls for the use of higher-grade materials such as specially blended engineering-grade resins. These materials can make the injection molding manufacturing process more difficult and time-consuming.

We’re able to offer sophisticated consultative services and processing techniques that facilitate a variety of resin and finish options. With a versatile industrial partner such as QT Manufacturing at your disposal, there’s never a need to look outside the U.S. for custom plastic injection molding.

Our company has also worked hard over the years to make our process more efficient, from initial design to shipping finished products. Streamlining each step allows us to bring down costs and makes customizing even complex molds more economical for our clients.

Begin Your Plastic Injection Molding Project With a Prototype

Every innovative product starts with a prototype. QT Manufacturing builds quality custom plastic injection molding prototypes that enable you to accurately assess appearance and functionality before mass production begins. We’ll work with you to design, test and modify your prototype.

If you are ready to kick off a custom plastic injection molding project, QT Manufacturing’s engineers are available. Fill out our form call 972-221-0537 today.