QT Manufacturing Diversifies into Medical Parts Production

QT Manufacturing Diversifies into Medical Parts Production

Market diversification is key to protecting a company’s sustainability, profitability and shareholder interest. When the economy experiences a downturn in one area, others will provide stability and mitigate risk of lost revenue. Proactive manufacturers, such as plastic parts producers and metal machine shops, are continually looking for new opportunities for market diversification. 

Strengthen Your Domestic Supply Chain

Recent global events have heightened awareness to the importance of market diversification as well as a reliable domestic supply chain for medical supplies. While the medical industry, like any other, places importance on low costs and just-in-time production, this cannot overshadow quality and on-time delivery as major disruptions to the supply chain as a whole will put stress on the availability of necessary products. 

Strategies for a resilient supply chain alleviate weaknesses during heightened demand while increasing employment growth in industries, such as advanced manufacturing, contributing to economic development in U.S. regions. 

Leveraging Existing Strengths Aid Diversity and Increasing Market Share

By building on existing expertise in complex, precision parts manufacturing, QT Manufacturing is poised to add value to the supply chain of many industries. As a valuable supplier of precision components to industries, including aerospace, aviation, defense, fiber optics, medical and others, QT Manufacturing offers a strong foundation for increasing market share in any of these industries, including medical devices. 

Quality Control Tools Apply Across All Verticals

Offering custom injection molding, CNC precision machining and prototype manufacturing capabilities, we provide turnkey manufacturing solutions for many medical applications. Our experienced team applies proven quality tools and methodologies to provide consistent production of parts, meeting customer specifications and strict quality demands.  

We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 rev D certifications, committed to product and process improvement through core quality tools, such as Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Failure and Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) along with additional quality methodologies. We are also ITAR compliant. 

Skilled Labor, Precision Machinery and Equipment

QT Manufacturing invests in a skilled workforce, training, modern technology, and capital equipment. Our dedicated team of mold makers, engineers, process technicians, and CNC machinists offer extensive capabilities for turnkey manufacturing from medical device part design through quality controlled production and on-time delivery.  

We are experienced with the latest technology in CAD software and offer a vast line-up of injection molding presses and CNC machinery, including HAAS and Bridgeport high-speed CNCs, grinders, milling machines and quality control equipment.  

QT Manufacturing builds on existing strengths to add value to many demanding industries, including medical, with the capabilities and capacity to increase market share through diversification. We are a valued supplier to many industries with our skilled workforce, quality machinery and equipment and dedication to continual improvement.  Contact us to speak with an engineer about improving your medical device supply chain with a skilled and experienced domestic manufacturer.