Prototype Solutions

At QT Manufacturing, we bring your ideas to fruition. We can recommend the best solution through the myriad of complex options available. We are staffed with master toolmakers and machinists that can produce prototype molds for low volume injection molded parts along with milled aluminum or steel prototype assemblies.

  • Prototype Soft Molds: rapid mold development using aluminum for low volume parts primarily used during part design validation phase.
  • Bridge Tooling: hybrid solution using P-20 steel for low to mid volume production. Allows customers to go to market with their product while high volume production tools are built simultaneously
  • Machined prototypes: using plastic or metal, a physical working prototype is extremely helpful to check mechanical viability when engineering a new product.
  • Capabilities: 3 to 5-axis simultaneous CNC milling, EDM wire and sinking, surface grinding, and engineering support enable QT to deploy a myriad of solutions for your complex project.
  • Quick delivery: our trained personnel will work with your engineering team for workable solutions so you can go to market faster than the competition.