Precision Machining Solutions from Prototype to High Volume

Precision machining provides manufacturing solutions to countless industries. Just look around, and you’ll see machined parts in automobiles, computers, smart phones, medical equipment, aircraft engines, military and defense equipment and more. CNC machined parts are made of durable steel, titanium, aluminum and even plastic, manufactured with high precision and repeatability.

There is a lot of talk about high precision and ultra-precision machining, as industrial demands require continually refined and improved components.

High Precision Machining Capabilities and Benefits

CNC machining is a subtractive application, with finely tuned computer numerically controlled machines carving out meticulous dimensions and features. High precision machined components are manufactured with precision CNC equipment to meet tight tolerances, typically referred to in thousandths of an inch, +/-0.001”. Complex, multiple features also contribute to the definition of high precision components.  For reference, the thickness of an average human hair is .004” (four thousands of an inch). QT Manufacturing is machining accuracy with tolerances of 25% of the thickness of a human hair!

CNC precision machining is extremely accurate, repeatable, efficient and safe. You can find high precision-machined products in almost any industry including telecom, medical, dental, aerospace, industrial and technology applications. There is a greater demand for higher precision and ultra-precision machined components as CNC processes continue to provide innovative, smaller and improved products.

Ultra-Precision Machined Components

Ultra-precision machining provides even tighter tolerances measured in submicron ranges, holding values +/- 0.0005” (five ten thousands of an inch). Ultra-precision manufacturing can provide smooth surface finish options with diamond tooling and ideal materials. There is a greater demand for ultra-precision machined components in the medical field as devices become smaller and increasingly complex.

QT Manufacturing Offers Precision Machining from Design to Production

Many CNC machine shops provide the ability to machine high precision products.  Machining high precision, complex components with cost saving efficiency requires an experienced team and advanced machinery. QT Manufacturing offers the unique advantage of incorporating precision into the entire manufacturing process. 

Our experienced engineers ensure the initial design meets part functionality with the most efficient manufacturing method. All department teams work together from the first design consultation to prototype, low to high volume production, quality inspections and shipping. We provide turnkey manufacturing solutions with state-of-the-art equipment whether in precision CNC machining, EDM wiring, mold making or injection molding.

QT Manufacturing is certified to ISO9001:2015, AS9100 rev D and is ITAR compliant, providing high-quality, efficient manufacturing solutions to many industries. We supply tight tolerance, complex components with quick lead times in low to high volume requirements. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your precision machining supply base.