Plastic Injection Molding

Why Choosing a US-Based Injection Molding Company Makes the Most Economic Sense

A US based plastic injection molding company like QT Manufacturing makes the most economic sense for goods intended for North American consumption. Surveys continue to show that executives at small and mid-size manufacturing companies are selecting domestic partnerships over China. The reasons go far beyond a sense of loyalty to domestic manufacturing. Our plastic injection molding capabilities, including our Dallas location, are helping clients meet their plastic parts requirements better than any alternative.

Why a North American Based Plastic Injection Molding Company Makes the Most Sense

China has traditionally been perceived as the lowest cost plastic injection molding option, but that is no longer the case due to the following factors:

  • Labor costs: international labor costs are rising relative to the US, making the gap much smaller than it used to be
  • Shipping costs: our Dallas location is a domestic and international hub and we can offer convenient and less expensive shipping options
  • Business practices: overseas business practices can be burdensome and opaque, adding confusion and risk when working with overseas plastic injection molding companies

  • Logistical issues: our convenient, central timezone makes it much easier to manage plastic injection molding projects that require dynamic collaboration and adjustments

QT manufacturing is your one-stop shop for quick turn prototyping and production of plastic molded parts and machined metal parts. We have an in-house tooling department that is capable of manufacturing complex single cavity to multi-cavitation mold projects. We focus on quality, customer service and timely delivery and can work with you from plastic injection molding design to mass production with an array of common or exotic resins

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