Plastic Injection Molding in the USA

When searching for an experienced molder for plastic injection molding in the USA, there are many benefits of working with a local, domestic contract manufacturer that you should be aware of. While it might be tempting to try out overseas providers, once you weigh the costs versus the advantages, you’ll see indisputable benefits to working with an injection molder in the USA.

When you partner with QT Manufacturing, you can have confidence in our service and products, with Made in America values and quality.

Benefits of Working With an Injection Molder in the USA

Working with a plastic injection molding company in the USA offers many benefits

Weighing the pros and cons of working with an overseas molding shop, it quickly becomes apparent why working with an injection molder in the USA provides many benefits.

Some advantages offered by QT Manufacturing, domestic contract manufacturer, include:

No language barrier. It can be difficult to get your point across when communicating precision requirements to a mold designer native to a foreign language. The design and engineering of precision molds requires direct communication, in an efficient manner. Time zone changes alone create a burden when urgent matters arise.

Improved lead times. The money you save by having a mold built overseas is often lost in extended lead times. When time is of the essence, work with a local manufacturer with a track record for on-time delivery.

Save on shipping costs. Along with extended lead times comes exorbitant shipping costs, depending on the weight of shipping molds and even finished plastic product. Save on shipping costs and lead times with domestic injection molders in USA.

Guaranteed Quality. While some overseas mold shops may claim to use certified North American or German steel grades, not all overseas molders adhere to the same quality standards as injection molders in the U.S.

ISO Registered Quality Practices. Performing your quality audits and certifying suppliers is much easier when located on the same continent. QT Manufacturing is registered to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 rev D, providing total confidence in our quality policy and practices no matter your industry. We are a valued supplier to a variety of industries, including aerospace supply chains, and perform ISO-registered quality practices in all processes.

QT Manufacturing Offers Experience and Made in USA Molding

QT Manufacturing is an experienced mold making and injection molding company providing high quality craftsmanship with custom-built injection molds and quality driven injection molding, all made in the USA. We offer domestic mold manufacturing, custom injection molding and CNC machining from American workers employed as journeyman mold makers, skilled designers and process engineers. We practice our quality policy from the top down, with management-driven continual improvement projects to enhance our processes.

QT Manufacturing offers all types of molds from prototypes to multi-cavity production tools, providing quick turn around with on-time delivery. We provide precision tooling, custom injection molding and CNC machining that meets your specifications, at the lowest available cost. Contact us today at 972-221-0537 to learn how you can save on your plastic component requirements with made in America injection molding.