Plastic Injection Mold Makers

One-stop shop for plastic component design and mass production

QT Manufacturing is comprised of a team of experienced plastic injection mold makers that specialize in custom prototype molds as well as complex multi-cavitation production molds Our plastic injection mold makers are experienced with common resins like ABS and polycarbonate as well as exotic resins like Ultem and PEEK. We have years of experience helping engineers and manufacturers building complex connector molds in the telecommunications and fiber optic industries

Plastic Injection Mold Makers Ready to Turn Your Vision into Reality

We are truly a niche, one-stop shop of plastic injection mold makers, and tool makers that can take your plastic part requirements from design to mass production. Our plastic injection mold makers can work with you to design your mold, build the prototype mold, and then mass produce your part with our plastic injection molding department.

  • Quick turn plastic injection prototyping: our staff of plastic injection mold makers can produce prototype molds in less than 3 weeks.
  • Custom mold tooling and mold maintenance: SPI Class 101 to Class 104 molds with the staff capable of complex design molds that can run 10 million parts per year.
  • Consistent plastic parts and precision tolerances of .001″ with the ability to run high volume multi-cavity molds (1 million+ parts).

Our convenient Central US time zone (Dallas, Texas) makes it easy to stay on top of your project and collaborate with us during normal business hours. Our team of plastic injection mold makers have more than 250 years of combined experience to tackle projects that overseas manufacturers find difficult to produce within tolerance and on schedule.

If you are looking for a highly qualified team of plastic injection mold makers located in the United States, QT Manufacturing is your solution.

Contact our team of plastic injection mold makers today. Call us at (972) 221-0537 to learn more.