The New Popularity of the Domestic Contract Manufacturer

Today, re-shoring is gaining momentum in the manufacturing industry. Companies such as QT Manufacturing are being sought out as a domestic contract manufacturer for businesses wanting the quality and dependability of U.S. production.

A stronger dollar, rising wages in lower-cost countries and ease of communications are common reasons why jobs are coming back to the United States. As a domestic contract manufacturer, QT Manufacturing also offers these additional benefits to companies considering re-shoring:

  • Our products are “Made in the USA,” which appeals to many consumers who prefer to buy American.
  • As shipping costs increase, QT’s centralized location in North America is a clear advantage in both time and dollars. We’re ideally positioned to quickly ship to a variety of domestic and international markets at a reasonable cost.
  • Our employees are experienced and capable of filling small or large volume orders. Our production processes offer great flexibility, so we can respond quickly to change requests made by our customers.

Call QT Manufacturing today at 972-221-0537 to discuss how, as a domestic contract manufacturer, we can help your company successfully reinvest in America.

Hire a Domestic Contract Manufacturer

There is increasing evidence that hiring a domestic contract manufacturer makes good business sense.

Although the number of jobs that re-shoring has returned to the United States is modest, indications are the trend will continue. It’s time for your company to learn what Apple, Walmart, Ford and GE have discovered in recent years.

If you want more information on arranging the services of a domestic contract manufacturer, call one of our sales representative today at 972-221-0537. Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we provide quality parts with quick turnaround in a modern 31,000 square-foot facility.