Custom Injection Molds

At QT Manufacturing, our primary focus is designing and building complex molds. We specialize in connector molds for the telecommunications and fiber optics industries, precision molds for the optoelectronics industry, insert connector molds, and over-molds. Our engineers work with you to enhance your concept with an injection mold design that maximizes the quality and efficiency of the component creation process. Our master injection mold makers construct molds made of aluminum, steel and alloys for small, precision parts needed in industries like aerospace and medical. We are uniquely qualified to work with you from design and prototyping to injection mold tooling and maintenance for large production runs.

  • We are a domestic mold maker. Our tools are proudly made in the USA.
  • Decades of experience building SPI Class 104 to Class 101 injection molds.
  • Capabilities include building fixtures, dies, replacement tooling, & custom parts.
  • Experience building simple prototype injection molds in universal bases, low volume prototypes and production, as well as complex design molds with custom mold bases the capability of running millions of parts per year.
  • We specialize in high precision complex molds, including connector molds, optical sensor housings, photonics as well as premium consumer products.
  • Our skilled toolmakers can machine metal with tolerances of .0001″ (one ten thousandth) or less in certain cases. This level of precision requires thermal expansion compensation steered by the knowledge of experienced engineers on staff.

Injection Mold Maintenance and Inspection Between Production Runs

Our skilled toolmakers have become experts fixing and maintaining molds that have been damaged. Our injection mold storage and maintenance service extends the working life of your injection mold and greatly increases the quality of the components manufactured. Regardless of the original mold creator, we offer all services required to properly store, maintain, and repair molds. In addition, all injection molds are tested, cleaned, oiled and inspected before every production run to insure they perform as designed.

Services offered:

  • EDM wire and sinker capabilities – 4-axis CNC EDM Wire, CNC EDM Hole driller, & 4-axis CNC EDM sinker machines allow for high volume & precision EDM services
  • Fixture & Die fabrication
  • Custom machining
  • Prototypes
  • Mold repair & maintenance

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