Modern Manufacturing With a Strong Partner

Modern manufacturing compels the savvy company to have a few strategic partners. These partners form a strong foundation for the company intending not only to successfully compete in the world-wide marketplace, but to also set new standards in innovative industrial production.

QT Manufacturing, based in Dallas, TX, wants to partner with your forward-looking company. With a talented American workforce and state-of-the-art facility, we’re ready to meet any challenge. More than ever in the history of QT, we’re in a position to help your company vie for increased market share in the 21st century.

Modern Manufacturing

QT Manufacturing excels in the manufacturing of plastic injection molding and building custom injection molds. Our expertise in modern manufacturing techniques is now enhanced by the recent re-location to a 31,000 square-foot facility near downtown Dallas.

This spacious new building gives QT Manufacturing remarkable capabilities:

  • Seven plastic injection mold presses, from 30 to 90 tons, enables us to produce small and large volume lots with consistency under tight tolerance levels.
  • Unlike a conventional molding facility, we have an entire moldmaking department dedicated to build prototype, bridge, and production molds. We have the capability to produce complex working prototypes within extreme tight turnaround times. This enables our customers to validate production quality parts to ensure successful engineering and part designs.
  • Our central U.S. location provides shipping related cost-savings for companies in North America. QT’s production runs 24 hours per day, 5 days a week which allows for flexibility to meet any size order for our customer. This helps QT Manufacturing achieve lightning-fast turnaround times. That means your products are on the market sooner.
  • A conveniently located domestic supplier such as QT offers better value than offshore partners faced with increasing costs in production and shipping.

Why We’re Committed to Quality in Modern Manufacturing

QT Manufacturing believes in the ability of modern manufacturing to bolster both the U.S. and world economies. Efficient processes delivering quality goods on time benefit everyone in the supply chain.

We have invested in our employees and our Dallas-area plant because we are constantly looking for ways to improve product lead time and quality. That is simply good business.

QT Manufacturing invites you to partner with us for your manufacturing needs. Talk to a QT Manufacturing representative today. Our number is 972-221-0537.