How Modern Manufacturing in Fort Worth Can Reduce Cost in Product Design Through Raw Materials

Offering the most modern manufacturing in Fort Worth means using the most advanced technology and the latest manufacturing process, but this isn’t all modern manufacturing involves. It also means selecting raw materials wisely to keep costs low. Here’s how using the right raw materials can reduce costs in product design.

Raw Materials Affect Processing Methods

The true cost of the raw materials chosen for a product is more than the price of the materials themselves. Their cost also includes how they impact the processing methods used to manufacture a product. A material that restricts a manufacturer to pricier processing methods may actually cost more to use than a pricier material that uses a less expensive processing method.

As an example, consider two types of plastics: thermoplastics and thermoset materials. Thermoplastic materials can be easily melted down and remolded multiple times, which makes them well-suited for injection molding. Thermoset materials, in contrast, aren’t able to be melted and remolded. Once they’re set, they’re set for good. This makes them better suited for compression molding.

The Interdependent Relationship Complicates Decisions

This interdependent relationship makes deciding what raw materials to use in a product design an involved process. Not only must the end product be taken into account, but so must the raw material and processing costs.

In the above example, a company trying to decide between thermoplastic and thermoset materials would want to take into account the cost difference between injection and compression molding. If they failed to, their product design costs may be higher than they have to be.

Choosing Modern Manufacturing in Fort Worth for Your Product

What raw materials will give you the lowest supply costs depends on what you’re making, how large it is, how many units you want to make and many other factors. For, all of these factors impact manufacturing costs. For help getting started and taking all of the necessary considerations into account, contact QT Manufacturing at 972-221-0537. We offer the most modern manufacturing in Fort Worth, and we’ll help you figure out how raw material selection will affect your product design costs.