Machining Company for the Aerospace Industry

Manufacturing for the aerospace industry requires a machining company to stay on top of industry trends to provide high-quality components at a competitive price. The aerospace industry is expected to experience growth over the next five years, putting pressure on tier 1 suppliers to maintain close relationships with their supply base and consolidate vendors to those that meet the mark. 

Consolidating your supply base to manufacturers registered to ISO9001:2015 and/or AS9100 rev D, who exhibit tight quality control procedures and practice continual improvement with cost reduction goals, is important to meet the growing demands in this sector.

Aerospace Industry Trends and Outlook

QT Manufacturing Keeps Up with Aerospace Industry Advances

The aerospace industry is poised to finish out 2019 strong with global aerospace and defense (A&D) expenditures expected to continue to increase. Commercial aircraft production is going strong with a current order backlog on commercial aircraft production currently at its peak of over 14,000. National defense spending is also expected to increase which is led primarily by the United States.

Key industry trends to be expected include:

  • Increased demand for military equipment and defense spending due to geopolitical tensions increasing and intensifying
  • The current backlog of commercial aircraft is peaking at 14,000 with at least 20,000 units expected to be produced over the next 20 years
  • International trade and tariff agreements are likely to interrupt global supply chains and drive costs upwards
  • There is an increased pressure on suppliers to meet increasing production demands while reducing costs

In analyzing the demands of your aerospace and defense sector, be sure your supplier or machining company is poised to keep up with expected growth without sacrificing quality, lead times and cost reduction initiatives.

QT Manufacturing Excels in Meeting Industry Demands

QT Manufacturing is an experienced machining company offering plastic and machined components for low or high volume requirements. We are an experienced, quality minded company registered to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 rev D, committed to total customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Our experience in manufacturing tight tolerance, precision parts combined with our vast resources, including an in-house tool shop, provides added value to your supply chain.

An in-house tooling department, located in the USA, allows us to maintain, repair and service molds while running production. This results in significantly less production downtime and a tighter supply chain for our customers. We offer a low volume bridge program, which allows customers to test prototypes in production mold conditions. Our ability to provide low-volume prototype runs while your production mold is being built provides a faster “go-to-market” strategy for our OEMs pressed for quick lead times. 

All three departments – our in-house tool shop for plastic mold making and maintenance, plastic injection molding and CNC machining – work seamlessly together under one roof. This full service production, mold construction and maintenance combined with CNC machining abilities is rare and allows us to provide exemplary service to all customers in many industry sectors. QT Manufacturing is a machining company that takes on the critical components others shy away from. 

QT Manufacturing is a valued supplier to many industries including aerospace, fiber optics and telecommunications, consumer products and the medical industry. In addition to manufacturing precision components, we are experienced in exporting requirements, as approximately half of our 2018 revenue was from export sales to Mexico, Canada and Poland.

QT Manufacturing is committed to on-time delivery and competitive pricing for the aerospace industry. We offer added value with an in-house tool shop for immediate attention and maintenance of molds resulting in reduced or eliminated downtime. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive manufacturing services and how you can benefit from an experienced, quality driven manufacturing and machining company.