Machining Company in Dallas Discusses Electrical Discharge Machining and the Advantages

Businesses looking for a machining company in Dallas should specifically seek out a company that offers electrical discharge machining. Here’s a look at the advantages electrical discharge machining offers.

Electrical Discharge Machining Uses Electrical Sparks

Unlike other forms of manufacturing, electrical discharge machining (EDM) doesn’t involve any contact between a product and the tool creating it. Instead of using direct contact, EDM uses visible sparks to create finely controlled — yet extremely intense — heat.

Temperatures used in EDM regularly reach between 8,000 and 12,000 degrees Celsius (14,432 to 21,632 degrees Fahrenheit). This heat is hot enough to melt almost any metal surface, yet the small sparks only generate enough heat to affect a piece’s surface material. The sparks are usually fired in either oil (for sink EDM) or dielectric water (for wire EDM), which quickly dissipate any heat. Thus, the surface is melted while the material underneath remains unaffected.


Liquid Flushes Away Metal Filings

The first benefit of this type of machining is it’s able to clear away filings better than most other forms of manufacturing. Filings aren’t wiped off with a cloth or blown away with air, which are both methods that might leave some filings behind. Instead, they’re flushed away with the liquid the EDM is fired in.

This lets EDM produce finer finishes than other techniques. For example, consider skimming done with wire EDM. In this technique, an initial cut is made with a wire, while water is blasted at a high force to quickly dissipate all heat. After this first, rough cut, subsequent skimmings are done with the wire. During these skimmings, water is gently running over the piece to wash away all filings. Up to nine skimmings may be done, to ensure the best finish possible.

Flexible Solutions Work for Many Pieces

Second, between sink and wire EDM, there are solutions for all kinds of pieces. Sink EDM is often done when entire pieces need to be shaped, while wire EDM is typically used for making complete cuts through pieces. With multiple techniques available, a machining company in Dallas that offers EDM will be able to create products hard to manufacture using other techniques.

Angles, Gradients and Other Features Are Possible

Finally, EDM can be used to make pieces with difficult angles, gradients and other features. Because electrical charges can be programmed in an infinite number of ways, there’s almost no shape impossible to make with EDM.


A Machining Company in Dallas That Offers EDM

QT Manufacturing offers both wire and sinker EDM services for the most difficult geometry in both injection molds or machined parts. If your business is looking for a machining company in Dallas and interested in the advantages of electrical discharge manufacturing, contact QT Manufacturing. QT Manufacturing has more than 25 years of experience, is based in Dallas and offers both sink and wire EDM. Call 972-221-0537 to get started today.