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As a U.S.- and Texas-based injection molding company, QT Manufacturing has good reason to be optimistic about its industrial future.

According to the trade organization Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, or MAPI, manufacturing is anticipated to grow faster than the overall economy for the next several months. A MAPI business outlook index of indicators such as orders, inventories, and research and development suggests that a robust expansion will continue into the coming months and years.

MAPI bases its forecasts on the research of a staff of professionals who are experts in a number of fields, including economics, marketing, sales, global trade, and the law.

QT Manufacturing shares MAPI’s optimism. We recently moved into a new 31,000 square foot state of the art facility near downtown Dallas to better meet customers’ needs for multiple manufacturing solutions.

The time to take action is now. With QT Manufacturing, a full-service injection molding company, as a partner, your business can take advantage of a business climate filled with opportunity.

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We’re an American-Based, Full-Service Injection Molding Company

More highlights of MAPI’s recent research:

  • Prospects in high-tech production are encouraging. Growth in that area is anticipated to be 8.5 percent in 2015, improving to 10.4 percent in 2016.
  • Even with more people looking for work, the unemployment rate continues to drop as more jobs are being added to the U.S. economy. And in Texas, the economic picture is even brighter.
  • Industrial production in Japan, South Korea, China and India is expected to rise in the next two years, fueled by pro-business government policies. Increasingly ties to the U.S. economy, Asia’s strong performance is good news for American business.

A positive perspective from a reliable source such as MAPI may spur many manufacturers – some competing with your company – to expand capabilities or invest in new ventures.

Get it done in an emerging economy. QT Manufacturing is an experienced injection molding company with the versatility to offer our customers a range of manufacturing options.

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