Injection Mold Maker

QT Manufacturing is your trusted, North American plastic mold toolmaker

Domestic, North American injection mold makers like QT Manufacturing have emerged from the Great Recession as a strong, lean set of companies. At QT Manufacturing, we specialize in building complex connector molds using various steel alloys depending on the application. We are your one-stop injection mold maker that can also mold the plastic parts from prototyping to long run production volumes.

OEMs are selecting injection mold makers where they build

Why are manufacturers aerospace, consumer products, and telecommunications selecting QT Manufacturing instead of overseas competition?

  • Innovation: injection mold makers like QT are innovating and incorporating new technologies into building molds; manufacturers avoid the possibility of IP theft by staying in the United States
  • Strong Finances: we have the financial position and resources to keep pace with demands from our customer who need larger runs and dedicated customer service

  • Avoid Shipping Costs: working with a domestic injection mold maker like QT Manufacturing helps you avoid increasing shipping costs that come with overseas freight charges
  • Speed, But Never Sacrificing Quality and Accuracy: we offer fast build times, higher output/throughput but maintain quality and accuracy, including cavity-to-cavity and dimension-to-dimension accuracy
  • Collaboration: we work with our OEM partners to leverage the latest mold designs to reduce maintenance, downtime and costs for the manufacturer

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