Injection Mold Maker: What You Need To Know

When you have an idea that you want to turn into a prototype, we can help. As one of the top injection mold makers in the industry, QT Manufacturing has helped many companies turn their dreams into profitable products. Plastic injection molding produces precise, repeatable parts and is an affordable choice for your prototype or small production run.

What Is Injection Tooling?

Tooling is another word for producing a mold. Injection mold makers create a negative space designed to receive molten plastic resin used to form molds. Reusable molds create high-quality parts that are easily ejected from the mold.

To create durable products built to your specification, you need to partner with an experienced company dedicated to finding solutions. At QT Manufacturing, we’ve been doing this for numerous industries since 1990. Our valued clients continue working with us as their preferred injection mold maker and often refer us based on our dedication to overcoming snags with innovative, elegant solutions.

What Do Injection Molding Machines Do?

The injection mold maker heats plastic into a liquid form. The nozzle injects molten plastic into the mold. Once it cools, it forms a finished product. However, before this process, someone needs to create the mold – typically out of steel or other durable materials. You can count on our engineers and designers to help you bring your product to life with outstanding precision and repeatability.

Understanding Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Whether you choose engineering-grade resins or plastics, we can create custom plastic parts and products for you. Choose from nylon, polycarbonate, PEEK, polypropylene, and other exotic or traditional plastics. We can guide you through choosing materials that meet your needs and budget.

Our team can help you navigate every stage of the process from design to postproduction quality inspections. At QT Manufacturing, we have built state-of-the-art facilities at our Dallas, TX, headquarters and invite you to witness our team in action. We look forward to showcasing our services to you.

How Are Injection Molds Made?

Conventional machining requires the use of several tools, including milling machines, drill presses, and lathes to produce each completed part. However, CNC machining has revolutionized the production of accurate parts at affordable rates. Our advanced CNC tools allow us to control the movement of the part precisely through the entire machining process, from mills to lathes to postproduction cutting machines.

It’s important to partner with a company like QT Manufacturing when it comes to mold design and manufacturing. We use highly automated processes that eliminate human errors without introducing precision or accuracy issues during high-speed production runs. Our experts determine mold dimensions via computer-aided design (CAD) software. This work is directly transformed by customized computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. In the final stage, the designs are translated into commands that tell the machine how to create your mold.

As a premier plastic mold maker, we have produced plastic molds for many clients. After receiving your approved final design, we create a steel mold you can use to make your products or parts. We don’t leave out any details as we turn a solid metal block into your mold.

Industry Spotlights

Below, we have highlighted just a few of the industries we work with. Feel free to check out the full list of industries we have served over the last three decades.


Optoelectronic devices detect or channel light and include various sensors and touchscreen displays. To produce accurate products, we use precision manufacturing, starting with mold design and prototype creation. Different materials and alloys conduct light in unique ways, and we can offer insight into how to meet your product specifications.


The telecommunications industry relies on fiber optic cables that transmit information via light. These cables require plastic parts and adapters to function optimally. Plastic injection molding produces cost-effective parts in large quantities to fuel the telecom revolution. We are proud to help the telecommunications industry supply customers with high-speed connectivity over cables held in place and connected with plastic components.

Consumer Products

If you create consumer products, you need a reliable injection mold maker for custom containers and packages. From food production to children’s toys, plastic injection molding is a critical component of the manufacturing process. Household items and other parts requiring contoured lines start as someone’s good idea. We just bring that vision to life.


In the medical industry, injection molding enables the creation of affordable, disposable equipment. This might include device packaging, stethoscope parts, diagnostic kits, and research tools. There’s no room for error when lives are on the line, so partner with QT Manufacturer when you’re looking for the top injection mold makers.

Choose a Top Injection Mold Maker for Your Products

QT Manufacturing provides manufacturing solutions for many industries. Our customers rely on us for injection mold services, including design and construction. Using CNC machining capabilities and the knowledge of our design team, we can create custom molds for your products.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your injection mold-making needs.