The Importance of Tool and Die Makers in Dallas Injection Molding

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They rely on science and they rely on art. Their craft requires hands that are both steady and creative. Industry and innovation could not move forward without them.

They are America’s tool and die makers and some of the country’s best work right here in Dallas.

This history of tool and die makers, or injection mold makers, dates back to the early 1800s, when an inventor named Eli Whitney first began manufacturing interchangeable parts based on specifically prescribed dimensions.

Whitney’s first mass-produced products were used to make firearms for the War of 1812, during which the United States took on one of the greatest naval forces in history–and won. Since that point in time, injection mold makers have held an important place in the country’s history ever since.

Tool and die makers represent the best of the American workforce

They are artisans and craftsmen. They are technical and technologically savvy. They read blueprints, operate industrial machinery and use the latest computer numerical control (CNC) technology. They are highly trained and practical. QT Manufacturing’s tool makers work with tolerances of +-.0001″ every day. To put things in perspective, that is 40 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair follicle (.004″).

They are in short supply

Injection mold makers used to make up a significant percentage of the United States workforce. Unfortunately, as the country’s economy has shifted away from industry, the number of tool, die and mold companies has decreased significantly since 1998.

Fewer American companies are relying on American manufacturing professionals to make their durable goods. Many rely on overseas manufacturing, which is believed to deliver cost savings–along with cheaper materials and less expensive labor.

Cost savings often come at a steep price

What’s often missing from overseas tool and die makers is quality assurance. In the U.S., injection mold makers are members of an elite group that has the training, skill and experience to ensure parts and products are made with precision.

Their training includes a mix of classroom work and hands-on activities. They study math, science, engineering, design and technology. They practice their skills in the classroom. Then undergo intensive apprenticeships lasting between four and five years—and that prepares them to deliver excellence once they finally become injection mold makers.

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The up-front investment of tool and die makers pays off for companies still willing to have their parts and products manufactured in the U.S. The companies know their parts are being crafted by the best manufacturing professionals in the world.

When a well-trained, incredibly experienced and skilled workforce is combined with a company that is committed to meeting the highest possible quality standards–such as ISO9001 and AS9100–the companies can rest assured their parts and products will achieve their purposes. Contact QT Manufacturing at 972-221-0537 to get the high-quality parts and products companies trust, made right here in the U.S.A.

Much has changed in the United States since the early 1800s, but one thing has remained the same. Tool and die makers are still an important part of driving both industry and innovation forward. Those companies willing to work with the best injection mold makers in the country are still winning–just like the U.S. did during the War of 1812.