Fiber Optic Industry Keeps Machining Companies on Their Toes

As technology in the fiber optic industry continues to advance, it’s important for machining companies to not only manufacture high-quality, precise components, but also keep costs down. The fiber optic industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last couple of years, and that’s not slowing down any time soon. As a result, it will be especially important for machining companies, like QT Manufacturing, to maintain ISO9001:2015 and/or AS9100 rev D certifications to ensure tight quality control and continuously strive to improve processes while keeping costs to a minimum.

Fiber Optic Industry Trends and Outlook

QT Manufacturing Advances with the Fiber Optic Industry

The fiber optic industry has been steadily growing with a continued expected growth rate of 9 to 12% over the next five years. Manufacturing of fiber-optic cables for domestic and international applications is expected to increase along with the increasing demand of high-speed internet in homes, businesses, mobile devices and rural locations. Consumers are demanding faster, high-speed internet with broadband connections expected to steadily increase, driving up the demand for fiber-optic cables, networks, and server equipment.

Along with faster internet, consumers are demanding a way to transmit larger volumes of data, which will require some networks to purchase new fiber-optic equipment to meet consumer demands. As a result, the demand for ancillary products produced by QT Manufacturing, such as components, connectors and OEM products, will increase.

Industry trends call for experienced manufacturers in this field as experts recommend partnering with a supplier who provides an established working knowledge of fiber optics manufacturing combined with vast resources. Experienced manufacturers and machining companies of fiber optic components offer a technical advantage in meeting fiber-optic production and quality demands. While fiber-optic demands are increasing worldwide, more than 50% of this is expected to occur in China as they continue to increase high-speed internet access in urban and rural areas.

Working with suppliers experienced in meeting tight tolerances, deadlines and exporting provides advantages in meeting fiber optic production requirements.

QT Manufacturing Is Prepared to Meet Industry Demand

QT Manufacturing specializes in custom plastic injection molding, custom tooling and injection molds, CNC precision machining and prototype solutions. We are committed to tight tolerance, precision parts and quality customer satisfaction. Our vast resources set us apart from other machining companies.

The aerospace, fiber optics and telecommunications, consumer products and medical industries rely on us to manufacture precision components and provide exemplary service that is unmatched in the industry. Because our USA-based facility includes an in-house tooling department, we offer significantly less production downtime and a tighter supply chain for our customers.

In addition to manufacturing precision components, we are experienced in exporting requirements, as approximately half of our 2018 revenue was from export sales to Mexico, Canada and Poland.

QT Manufacturing is committed to on-time delivery and competitive pricing for the fiber-optic industry.Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive manufacturing services and how you can benefit from an experienced, quality driven manufacturing and machining company.