Domestic Manufacturing

QT Manufacturing specializes in the domestic manufacturing of high quality, precise machined and plastic injection molding parts. Our Dallas, Texas team has a combined 250 years of experience to tackle the time-sensitive projects that require high precision. We often work with clients having difficulties with overseas companies and seeking a domestic manufacturing alternative for their machined metal and plastic injection molding projects.

Domestic manufacturing is making more business sense than ever

There are many reasons companies are reshoring and turning back to domestic manufacturing for their injection molding, tooling and CNC production projects.

  • Overseas cost increases and inflation are driving companies back to domestic manufacturing in the United States
  • Quality issues have plagued some overseas manufacturing companies and our clients are recognizing the benefits of locating production closer to consumers
  • Operational challenges, including time zone differences: domestic manufacturing avoids huge time zone differences that often include middle-of-the night conference calls
  • Freight costs: domestic manufacturing avoids large shipping costs to get your machine parts and injection molded components back to the United States

Our domestic manufacturing capabilities include:

If you are looking for a domestic manufacturing alternative, call us in Dallas, Texas at (972) 221-0537 and let us put our years of experience to work for you.