Cutting-Edge Technology With the DMU 50

DMU 50

QT Manufacturing is proud to announce the addition of a DMG Mori DMU 50 Universal Milling machine to our moldmaking department. DMG Mori is one of the most highly respected and innovative CNC Machine Tool manufacturers globally. Incorporating the 5-axis simultaneous 18,000 rpm DMU 50 into our workflow enables QT Manufacturing to raise already high precision standards and enable comprehensive turnkey technology solutions. It is also part of an effort to more effectively compete in the global marketplace by continuous investment in cutting-edge CNC equipment that performs a variety of tasks.

In close tolerance moldmaking, precision is essential. The DMU 50, a benchmark of quality in CNC machining, consistently achieves incredible precision through special “control” technology with CELOS.

The DMU 50 also features:

Powerful motor spindle with up to 18,000 rpm

Optimum space economy – Excellent accessibility to the working area, good chip disposal, steeply slanted walls and a large working area in relation to a small machine size

High work piece weights and maximum precision based on the integrated swivel rotary table with large bearing diameters in both rotary axes

As always, every part produced in our Dallas facility is tested through rigorous quality standards.

QT Manufacturing is a precision moldmaker, injection molder and offers CNC machining services; as well as prototype solutions. Call us today at 972-221-0537 for more information or to inquire about our services.

Turnkey CNC Machining for Your Company

Do you have a job that requires the expertise of an experienced, full-service CNC machining company? QT Manufacturing can help.

We are accustomed to advising start-ups, small, and medium sized companies who lack full engineering staffs with limited resources. QT has seasoned programmers who use the latest CAD / CAM software to optimize the manufacturing process which ultimately saves you time and money.

QT is capable of putting any project on the fast track when CNC machining is the desired route. Call 972-221-0537 today to speak with one of our sales representatives.