Custom Injection Molding Thermoplastic Engineering Resins

Custom Injection Molding Thermoplastic Engineering Resins

Thermoplastic resins are used in custom injection molding applications and are categorized by family and type, falling into three main categories: commodity resins, engineering and high performance resins. Commodity resins are found in many mass produced products and are fairly simple to work with. Engineering and high performance resins provide improved strength and resistance to environmental and chemical exposure. 

Engineering grade thermoplastic resins are used in parts with complex geometries that require durable properties. Plastic resins have different morphology, which describes the molecular structure and are categorized as either amorphous or semi-crystalline. Amorphous resins work well for tight tolerance parts and shrink less when cooled. Semi-crystalline resins have higher shrinkage rates although are less brittle and provide excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Selecting the right thermoplastic resin for your custom injection molding application requires many considerations, such as the strength, rigidity or flexibility of the molded part, surface texture requirements, chemical and environmental exposure. For the most part, product engineers already know the thermoplastic resin preferred for their project although an experienced injection molder will offer suggestions for the best engineering grade of resin to match the properties desired.

QT Manufacturing Offers Experience with Engineering Grade Resins

QT Manufacturing is an experienced custom injection molder, mold maker and CNC machine shop providing tight tolerance, critical components to demanding industry applications. We are familiar in working with high performance engineering resins to meet tight tolerance specifications and critical dimensions in complex geometrical designs. 

We take the projects other molders shy away from, providing value to the supply chain in demanding industries, such as aerospace, aviation, defense, optoelectronics and medical components. We offer experience in molding thermoplastic engineering grade resins such as Polysulfone, Valox, PEEK and many others.

Molding with Polysulfone

Polysulfone is a high performance, engineering grade resin known for strength and stability at high temperatures. Polysulfone (PSU) is an amorphous, transparent resin that maintains dimensional stability, stiffness and high service temperature with a tensile strength of 10,200 psi, positioned between polyphenylene oxide (PPO) and Acetal.

PSU provides the ability to withstand high temperatures, steam and boiling water and repeated exposure to hot and cold, wet and dry environments for excellent long-term serviceability. QT Manufacturing is experienced in molding Polysulfone to meet tight tolerances in complex geometrical designs.

Molding with VALOX®

The VALOX® family of thermoplastic resins are semi-crystalline materials based on either polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) polymers. VALOX® formulations include various grades, such as glass filled or unfilled and high gloss versions, to match performance to application specific properties. VALOX® provides low-melt viscosity, making it an excellent material for molding thin cross sections and dimensions with a wall thickness as thin as .015 inches. 

VALOX® offers desirable properties for custom injection molding with good processability and surface appearance. VALOX® resin provides dimensional stability, strength and stiffness with creep resistance. QT Manufacturing offers extensive experience in molding VALOX® materials for complex components which require heat and abrasion resistance as well as electrical properties. 

Molding with PEEK

Polyetheretherketone, or PEEK, is a high performance, semi-crystalline engineering grade thermoplastic resin with excellent mechanical strength across a wide temperature range. PEEK material provides strength, chemical resistance, superior creep resistance and very low moisture uptake. These properties make PEEK a good material choice for applications where chemical, thermal and combustion properties are critical to performance such as sensor housing, aircraft engines and other demanding applications.

QT Manufacturing is experienced in custom injection molding with PEEK and other high performance engineering grade resins. We provide comprehensive injection molding services with mold design and mold makers under the same roof as our highly trained process technicians. This allows us to deliver full service, turnkey injection molding solutions with experienced engineers communicating and working together, ultimately saving our customers time and money. 

QT Manufacturing is a leading domestic contract manufacturer offering turnkey solutions for custom injection molded components. We are experienced in mold design, mold making and injection molding with high performance, engineering grade resins.  Contact us to learn how to improve your supply chain with our ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 rev D quality controlled, custom injection molding services. We are ITAR compliant