Custom Bridge Tooling, the Cost-Effective Solution

Custom bridge tooling is QT Manufacturing’s answer for companies looking for a cost-effective “bridge” between prototype and full production molds.

For various reasons, certain projects that are beyond the prototype stage are not suited for immediate high volume production. In those instances, bridge tooling by QT Manufacturing offers an outstanding quick-turn alternative to save you time and money.

We’re able to accommodate low- to mid-volume production, using versatile P20 mold steel, while maintaining the same high standards of quality that applies to high volume orders.

Your company can utilize bridge tooling as a final production process or to supply parts while full-production tools are being manufactured at the same time. Should you choose to pursue high-volume production, you need not be concerned about significant, time-consuming design adjustments – QT Manufacturing’s engineering staff gets the details right from the outset.

We’re a U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in CNC machining, injection mold making, plastic injection molding, and also bridge tooling. We have an international reputation for precision engineering of parts

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How Bridge Tooling Helps Your Business

QT Manufacturing’s clients choose our customized production option for two major reasons:

  • To save time. Bridge tooling is ideal for a business that wants production to begin as soon as possible. When time is tight, we can manufacture quick-turn high quality bridge tools within a few weeks. A bonus: QT Manufacturing is centrally located in Dallas, Texas, so our shipping times are substantially less.
  • To save money. Custom tooling is a learning experience. Issues with design or materials are discovered and remedied in the initial stages, making the overall production process more efficient and cost-effective.

All custom tooling performed by QT Manufacturing takes place at our modern, 31,000 square-foot facility by employees who are experienced in the mold-making industry and dedicated to providing excellent service to each of our clients.

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