CNC Machining for Texas-Based Businesses

For world-class precision CNC machining services that are competitively priced, businesses don’t have to look very far.

Companies know that QT Manufacturing, with a new 31,000- square-foot facility near centrally located downtown Dallas, provides the solutions they need in fast-moving domestic and international economies.

With experienced and dedicated employees operating advanced high-speed CNC machining equipment – our Roku Roku graphite/steel and Bridgeport XP3 machines, both capable of 15,000 rpm, are just two examples – QT Manufacturing is proud to play a key manufacturing role in numerous industries.

We’ve long been capable of small form tooling of intricate parts at small, medium or large production volumes. But the recent move into our modern facility has enabled QT to respond with even higher volume at the same outstanding quality, greater speed and much more flexibility.

Anticipating ever-shifting global markets, we’ve designed our processes to rapidly respond to changes requested by our customers. QT Manufacturing is a nimble partner in your company’s drive to keep pace with often-unpredictable demand, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Frequently that demand requires fast turnaround. Efficiency is integral to every process at QT Manufacturing, and CNC machine shops overseas or in other regions of the United States can’t match our quick shipping times.

QT Manufacturing offers computer numerical control machining for companies looking for industrial partners to help them excel in today’s challenging markets. Call us today at 972-221-0537.

Texas-Based CNC Machining for Multiple Industries

QT Manufacturing serves businesses across a spectrum of industries, including the telecom, aerospace, and medical fields. We also serve a variety of governmental entities.

How do we do it? With state-of-the-art CNC machining of both metal and plastic materials, injection mold tooling, custom plastic injection molding, QT is able to provide an enormous range of parts, precision engineered to exacting tolerances.

Our prices are also cost competitive. Call 972-221-0537 today to learn more about CNC machining, or any service QT Manufacturing provides, with a customer service representative who is familiar with your industry.