CNC Machining of Aluminum

QT Manufacturing specializes in CNC machining for all types of industrial parts, including increasingly common aluminum components.

The machining by CNC, or numerical computer control, of plastic and steel materials demands outstanding precision throughout short and long-run production cycles. This includes engineering expertise required to successfully machine aluminum, in either small quantities or enormous lots.

The engineers at QT Manufacturing possess that expertise. We understand why many companies today elect to use aluminum parts. A major reason for its popularity: As one of the most common metals on earth, it is economically viable.

Aluminum is also strong, relatively light in weight, malleable and resistant to corrosion. The aerospace and automotive industries make wide use of aluminum parts. The Ford F-150 pickup truck, for instance, has an aluminum body.

QT Manufacturing provides CNC machining of aluminum products for domestic and overseas clients. We offer:

  • Affordability. QT Manufacturing knows that price often determines a company’s choice of industrial partners. Based in the United States, QT is able to offer not only affordable pricing but products of outstanding quality and unmatched industrial expertise. We make it easy to do business.
  • Expertise. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of CNC machining, plastic injection molding, and custom injection molds.
  • Quality. We use state-of-the-art computer numerical control machines, including the high speed CNC mills for precision workmanship. We stand tall in the face of international competition.
  • Customer Service. Relationships have been the foundation of QT’s business since we started in 1990. Our many repeat clients know us as an honest company providing the services that help them successfully compete in a global marketplace.

CNC Machining of Aluminum, Plastic and Steel Components

Is your company having trouble finding niche CNC machining services? Perhaps your needs are low volume or quick turnaround. QT Manufacturing, a full-service supplier of precision CNC machining services, can help.

QT’s veteran workforce is able to complete large projects fast. Our central location – Dallas, Texas – enables us to keep shipping costs reasonable, even for clients overseas. Request a quote online or call 972-221-0537 today, to get started.