Challenges Facing the Precision CNC Machine Shop

The evolvement of computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology has had significant impact on machining and manufacturing processes. The first CNC machine shops sprouted up in the 1960s, although these computerized machines were primitive by today’s standards with little control options and no memory. By the 1980s, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) was becoming more popular with the influx of personal computers. Computers controlling machines provided a means of machining products with repetitive precision, greatly improving product quality and lead times.

Just like computers have impacted every area of our lives, the evolvement of CNC technology has changed every aspect of machining and manufacturing.

The New Skills Required in Today’s Precision CNC Machine Shop

QT Manufacturing Utilizes New Skills Required in Today's Precision CNC Machine Shop

The endless options with CNC programming provide flexibility in highly productive machining equipment. CNC machining requires a new skill set, different than the mold maker of days past that would carve out steel cavities by hand. While the highly skilled of this rare breed meet precision tolerances within +/- .001”, the machines today can do the same work in much less time with consistent accuracy.

The skills required in today’s precision CNC machine shop include programming the equipment to do the work once performed by hand, with a knowledge of the steel cutting skills required combine a whole new skillset. To utilize modern equipment to the fullest potential, CNC machinists and precision mold makers must deploy a new set of skills including ingenuity, creativity, planning, preparation and programming.

QT Manufacturing Employs the Latest CAD Software and CNC Machines

QT Manufacturing offers a competitive edge with the latest technology in CAD software and CNC machines. Our skilled engineering designers utilize the following programs:

  • Solidworks 2017
  • Mastercam 2017 CAD
  • PEPS 4 axis Wire EDM software
  • 2014 PC-DMIS Pro Measurement software

Our tool room machine list includes a wide selection of high precision CNC machines, including:

  • DMG Mori DMU50 2015 18,000rpm with simultaneous 5-axis CNC
  • Hyundai WIA F400 2017, 12,000rpm with 4th-axis trunion
  • (2) HAAS VF2 12,000rpm high speed CNC
  • HAAS DT-1 2013 15,000rpm high speed CNC
  • Bridgeport XP3-1000 12,000rpm high speed CNC
  • Fadal 4020FX 2007 10,000rpm high speed CNC
  • Roku graphite/steel 15,000rpm high speed CNC

This is only a brief list of the modern machines in our precision CNC machine shop. We employ a highly skilled staff with the capabilities to provide CNC production machining, custom injection mold design and injection mold manufacturing of precision components. We are registered to ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C, providing high quality products on time.

QT Manufacturing offers decades of experience in engineering, design and manufacturing combined with modern technologies for consistently high-quality products. Contact us today at 972.221.0537 to speak with our engineers about your next mold design, injection molding and CNC machining requirements.