Benefits of CNC Machining for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical Equipment Manufacturers Utilize CNC Machining to Create a Variety of Medical Instruments

If you supply equipment to the medical industry, you understand the challenges of meeting exact standards consistently while maintaining reliable manufacturing processes. At QT Manufacturing, we provide state-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities for medical equipment manufacturers and a variety of other industries.

Our team has created specialized injection molds for medical equipment for decades. We know the importance of manufacturing top quality products to exceed our customer’s expectations. The following details the benefits of CNC machining for medical equipment manufacturers in the United States.

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Benefits of Working With CNC Medical Equipment Manufacturers

There are many advantages of choosing CNC machining to create medical tools and equipment, including the following.

No Fixed Tooling

With traditional machining methods, it can take three to four weeks to create dedicated mold tools. During that time, you have to wait for samples and troubleshoot any defects. If you have large orders of thousands or hundreds of thousands of parts, this methodology might make sense. However, you can save a lot of time by switching to CNC machining. For small production runs or prototyping, CNC provides fast turnaround times at a minimal cost.

Often, medical equipment manufacturers require small quantities of products made quickly. So, CNC’s flexible tooling capability gives you an edge without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

No Volume Restrictions

All we need is a digital CAD file. Using this, we can generate cutting programs quickly. You can use this program to make single prototypes or multiple parts for proof of concept or large production runs. Further, CNC technology places high precision manufacturing at your fingertips.

Often, medical equipment manufacturers make customized products such as appliances, prosthetics, medical devices, and surgical tools. At other times, customers place small orders due to the limited availability of raw materials. Manufacturers who adopt CNC machining don’t have to worry about cornering customers into minimum orders to make their production run viable.

CNC Machining Works With a Variety of Materials

Different instruments and equipment require materials of varying rigidity. For example, surgical appliances and tools are typically made from rigid materials. Other orders might require stainless steel, titanium, aluminum or high-grade plastics (e.g., PEEK).

Fast Production of Medical Parts and Components

Thanks to flexible tooling, CNC machines allow you to create parts from a CAD file in hours, not weeks. A single medical emergency can change the demand for parts and equipment in an instant. In order to produce an adequate supply for medical emergencies, it’s important to work with flexible manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines.

Take for example, the need to ramp up the production of personal protective equipment to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. CNC machining allows for the simplification or customization of these products with limited lead time.

Top CNC Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Our shop is ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D rev D certified and equipped for CNC machining using the latest software equipment for precise machining. If you are a medical equipment manufacturer looking for CNC solutions, look no further. QT Manufacturing strives to meet the needs of every client with quality products that help end customers save lives.

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