The Benefits of the Injection Molding Process

There are various methods available today that allow for the manufacturing of plastic components. As gadgets have increased in complexity, the need for precision has increased as well. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that can utilize a variety of resins into complex and intricate shapes without variation, from one run to another. This process includes heating the material to liquid form, injecting it into a custom mold of the part, and applying several tons of clamping pressure to shape it. This manufacturing method is used when a large quantity of solid parts are needed within specific measurements or tolerances.

There are several benefits of using injection molding to create components, rather than other parts-manufacturing methods.

  1. Exact specifications Using the latest CAD software, each mold is designed in three coordinate (X, Y, & Z) dimension fields with a high degree of precision. This allows for an intricate level of detail to be achieved. Once the final design is approved by the customer, the complex process of manufacturing a mold begins.
  2. Cost effective Waste can be minimal, as leftover materials can be re-melted and used in a later run based on customer specifications or requirements The mold design and resin options can be manipulated to achieve faster production run times and cheaper material costs therefore creating a cost savings to the end user.
  3. Time savings the injection molding process is automated and repeatable, significantly reducing the time to produce a large number of parts versus traditional methods. Other manufacturing methods can require multiple steps or manually shaping parts, which could significantly add to the manufacturing time.
  4. Quality control Having a precision injection mold means consistent results can be achieved and the quality will be the same from run to run with precision. We have stringent processes in place to inspect and prepare each injection mold before every use to ensure consistency and quality

Injection molding is a far superior method of creating many types of parts because of the level of detail that can be achieved in a cost-effective way. The value in having a consistent manufacturing process to create precision parts for your project cannot be understated. If you are looking for a manufacturing solution for plastic parts, contact QT Manufacturing today to discuss your specific needs by calling 972-221-0537.