The Basics of Plastic Injection Molding

QT Manufacturing is driven to improve the plastic injection molding process.

Every advance in injection technology that we incorporate enables us to more readily achieve our goals of providing customers with quality precision parts, our employees with meaningful, rewarding jobs, and strengthening the U.S. economy.

QT Manufacturing is not alone in attempting to perfect plastic injection molding. Other domestic companies are working hard to sustain this country’s industrial base and reverse the trend of outsourcing manufacturing overseas.

One such plastic injection molder, Pennsylvania-based Rodon Group, has been in business since 1956. The company recently issued an article that detailed what goes into manufacturing the ideal plastic part.

The article reflects industry knowledge that QT Manufacturing has been refining for 25 years. We’ve summarized it below.

Perfecting the Plastic Injection Molding Process

Creating a quality plastic part that performs perfectly involves four steps, each critically important:

  • Design. Although parts vary according to function and specifications, design elements such as vents, rib and boss design, wall thickness and corner transitions must be drawn with precision and with an eye toward mass production.
  • Mold building. The mold is the foundation of the plastic injection molding process. Like the design for the part itself, creating the mold requires patience and skill that only experienced engineers can bring to a project.
  • Materials. Plastic parts are made up of a surprising variety of materials. Choosing between a thermoplastic or thermoset plastic is just the beginning. Again, experience in choosing the material that best matches the form and function of a part requires the knowledge of an expert engineer.
  • Manufacturing. The final phase is when man and machine come together to create the ideal plastic part. Using the plastic injection machine best suited for the task, employees test and re-test to make certain the process is efficient and results in mass production of a part that fits in the palm of the hand.

As QT Manufacturing works to refine of each of the above steps outlined in the Rodon Group article, our customers are the winners.

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