Automating the Mold-Making Industry

The mold-making industry is changing, and QT Manufacturing is leading the way.

Automation is the future of manufacturing. Integrating the latest advances in automated technology is essential for U.S. businesses to remain competitive in world markets. In coming months and years, QT Manufacturing plans to invest in equipment that significantly streamlines and improves our mold-making process.

We’ve already integrated upgrades such as automated pallet changers and integrating probing systems within various specialized CNC machines. Our recent acquisition of the five-axis DMG Mori DMU 50 universal milling machine is indicative of a company-wide drive for excellence in the mold-making industry.

As anticipated, increased automation has enabled QT Manufacturing to speed production and hold down costs while continuing to provide our valued customers with quality injection molds customized for their particular needs.

Automation also helps QT Manufacturing, and many other companies, to accommodate the return of overseas business operations to the United States.

As foreign wages and the cost of shipping continues to go up, the price of doing business in the U.S. becomes more affordable. Global companies such as Ford and Apple have realized the advantages of working with American-based companies and have re-shored some manufacturing operations being performed abroad.

QT Manufacturing’s overall blueprint for automation consists of keeping an eye on the big picture. To avoid major disruptions in production, we’re making certain every upgrade is carefully coordinated.

We believe automation is well worth the investment. QT anticipates initial costs will be more than offset by long-term improvements in the efficiency and accountability of our processes.

The company’s greatest asset, our employees, play a key role at this critical time in our 25-year existence. Their intimate knowledge of every phase of production and our customers’ needs make for a seamless integration of automation into the workflow.

An experienced workforce, for example, enables us to offer quick turnaround times that foreign competitors can’t match, especially with a state-of-the art facility based in Dallas, Texas.

An Announcement About Our Injection Molding Process

In the next six months, QT Manufacturing plans to announce a major change in our production process. The announcement will provide specific information on our move toward automation and how it affects each of our customers.

To find out how the exciting future of mold-making and manufacturing in general can benefit your business, call a QT Manufacturing customer representative today at 972-221-0537.