Augmented Reality and Domestic Contract Manufacturing in Dallas

Augmented Reality

It can turn an otherwise ordinary park into a Pokémon Go playing field. It takes art to other-worldly levels of creativity. It’s allowed consumers to virtually “try on” everything from eye shadow to shoes without ever leaving their homes.

It’s augmented reality, and it’s enhancing the way people see the world–and making the manufacturing industry more efficient and exciting.

Augmented reality integrates computer-generated images into the user’s real-time view of the world. It burst into the mainstream in 2016, when millions of people around the world started playing Pokémon Go, a game that allowed players to search their everyday surroundings for animated creatures.

But even before Pokémon Go introduced the technology to the masses, many industries were already looking for ways to use the technology to become more effective and efficient.

In the manufacturing industry, many domestic contract manufacturers see augmented reality as an opportunity to reduce maintenance times on shop floors and even enhance the operation of heavy machinery. The leaders aren’t only talking the talk, they’re walking the walk by putting their focus and finances behind the augmented reality movement.

Augmented reality and manufacturing

From bulk material handling, introduction of interchangeable parts, the first moving assembly line, and computer-aided design (CAD), the manufacturing industry has always been on the cutting edge of innovation.

Today, the industry is on the cusp of taking another major step forward with its willingness to use augmented reality to once again revolutionize the way prototypes and products are made.

Imagine how much faster complex parts can be assembled with the assistance of augmented reality glasses, which use depth sensors, cameras and motion sensors to overlay images into the real-world work being done by engineers.

Incredibly accurate renderings will show bolts, cables and even part numbers that otherwise would remain hidden to the naked eye.

The ease of access to information alone can make the manufacturing process move much quicker. When you factor in the ability to reduce production downtime by using augmented reality to monitor the maintenance of equipment, identify design flaws and literally see problems with equipment and plans, the efficiency of a manufacturing company can be further increased.

High standards, low risk

As the industry moves closer to making augmented reality part of its daily operations, the concern of many has shifted towards quality assurance.

This is an issue the industry as a whole as well as every high-quality domestic contract manufacturer in Dallas takes incredibly seriously.

That’s why industry leaders have come together to establish guidelines for how every company that invests in manufacturing and the domestic contract manufacturer with which they work must adhere to when working with augmented reality.  Many of these standards are addressed within the AS9100 and ISO standards that QT Manufacturing are certified with.

The guidelines cover more issues such as hardware and software quality, battery life, field-of-view training and overall quality benchmarks.

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