Answering Your FAQs About CNC Machining

CNC Machining

As a worldwide leader in CNC machining, QT Manufacturing often receives inquiries from companies interested in using state-of-the-art CNC machining technology for various manufacturing processes.

Many business owners hear of the benefits CNC technology but know little about the process, which first surfaced in the 1950’s. To help companies learn about CNC technology, here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • What advantages does CNC machining offer over manual machining?

    A computer-based technology, CNC machining produces intricate details and shapes that offer automated precision and repetitive capabilities that manual machining can’t match. The process is adaptable to last-minute or frequent changes in design, which makes it particularly suited for handling multiple applications in a short period of time. CNC machining also holds costs down by being highly efficient.

  • How does CNC machining achieve such precision?

    Computer-driven electric signals are emitted to control motors that are capable of tiny, incremental movements. These small movements provide the exact precision needed to create parts for today’s technology.

  • Will CNC machining work for my applications?

    The process is commonly found in large and small industries. CNC machining is extensively employed in the military, automotive, medical, plastics, aerospace, construction and electronics industries. With the help of a contractor such as QT Manufacturing, you can leverage this technology to enable your company to compete in the global marketplace.

  • What can QT Manufacturing do for my company?

    QT is headquartered in a modern, 31,000 square-foot facility in the Dallas, TX. Our staff is knowledgeable and deeply experienced in sophisticated computer numeric technology. We’re experts at finding the right manufacturing process best-suited for the CNC machining applications you require. QT Manufacturing’s central location in Dallas, also facilitates as a centralized hub to make efficient shipments to anywhere in North America or Mexico.

Find out how CNC machining fits with the goals of your growing company by contacting QT Manufacturing. Call 972-221-0537 today.