About QT Manufacturing

QT Manufacturing is a domestic contract manufacturer specializing in: Injection mold making, Plastic injection molding, and Precision CNC machining.

QT Manufacturing started in 1990 primarily as a mold maker building specialized molds for optoelectronic and sensor applications. The company grew its capabilities and customer base along the years, but maintained its niche for high quality and precision. In the late 1990s, QT Manufacturing began injection molding high precision plastic parts. Now the company runs a mix of both short run and high volume molds, 24 hours per day.

In the early 2000s, as an extension of its reputation for high quality and ultra precision, QT began manufacturing metal production parts as well. The CNC machining department specializes in highly engineered precision metal parts for low and high volume mixes.

Our staff is well trained, and focused on providing quality and dependability that always exceeds customer expectations. All molded plastic parts and machined parts are continuously sampled and inspected to insure precise dimensions free of cosmetic blemishes. All molds are subjected to thorough testing to insure that they perform as designed and are production ready.

QT Manufacturing prides itself on pursuing the projects other manufacturers shy away from.

Highly engineered, precision parts that fit in the palm of your hand. That is our specialty. Contact us to get started

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