7 Reasons to Work in Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing Jobs

Contrary to popular belief, modern manufacturing is not a declining industry. In fact, it’s a growing and dynamic sector of the economy. Manufacturing companies will need millions of applicants to keep pace with projected growth. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a job in manufacturing.

  1. High Paying and High Quality Jobs

    The average income in the United States is $54,450 while the average manufacturing job pays $77,000. 93% of manufacturing jobs have access to healthcare versus only 70% of jobs in other sectors. Additionally, 83% of manufacturing jobs offer access to retirement accounts versus only 63% of jobs in other sectors. Manufacturing jobs across the board are, on average, higher paying and higher quality than their service sector counterparts.

  2. Millions of Job Openings

    There will be an estimated 3 million job openings in manufacturing over the next few years. These are high-quality jobs with needs ranging from science, technology, engineering, or mathematics degrees, technical skills and supporting services. Manufacturing companies have positions for all levels of education.

  3. Professional Growth

    The same seniority that may have taken your father 20 or 30 years to achieve is now being attained with 5 – 10 years of work. You can also get apprenticeships and internships to improve your skills.

    Moreover, there are multiple departments you can cross train in– so your skills will never stagnate. Modern manufacturing is an evolving industry that collaborates all across the country and world, giving you the chance to travel. Manufacturing companies offer many opportunities for professional and personal growth.

  4. Major Contributor to the Economy

    The United States is the second largest manufacturer in the world. It accounts for nearly 1 in 6 jobs. It creates an estimated $1.37 for the economy for every dollar invested into it. Each job in manufacturing generates 2.91 jobs in other sectors. You will be working in an industry good for the country and economy.

  5. Try Out New Technology

    Modern manufacturing companies are on the cutting edge of technology. They are embracing things like: 3-D printing, drones and more. These new technologies are reshaping the economy and you will have a chance to use them before anyone else.

  6. Manufacturing is Everywhere

    Manufacturing jobs are spread out across the country, so you won’t have to move as much. Conversely, service jobs are concentrated in cities and often require you to move for the company.

  7. Invest in Your Community

    Most manufacturing companies are legacies, having spent decades building and supporting communities. These legacy companies often encourage their employees to volunteer and contribute to the community.

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