4 Applications for CNC Machining in the Defense Industry

CNC Machining Is a Top Choice for Defense Contractors

In the defense industry, time is of the essence. There’s no time to wait for parts to be delivered from a manufacturer. That’s why so many defense contractors turn to CNC machining as a way to quickly and efficiently create prototypes or manufacture aircraft parts, vehicle components and firearm parts.

Prototype Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of CNC machining is that it allows you to quickly and easily prototype new parts or components. In the defense industry, where there’s a high sense of urgency, this can be a lifesaving advantage.

With CNC machining, you can rapidly produce prototypes, test them out and make adjustments as needed. This can save you time and money in the long run by allowing you to avoid costly mistakes during the prototyping phase.

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Aircraft Parts

CNC machining is well-suited for manufacturing aircraft parts. This is due to the fact that CNC machined parts are extremely precise and consistent. When lives are on the line, you can’t afford to have parts that don’t fit together perfectly.

With CNC machining, you can be assured that the parts you manufacture will meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Some of the most common aircraft parts manufactured using CNC machining include:

  • Ailerons: The ailerons are the hinged control surfaces on the wings of an aircraft that are used to change its direction.
  • Elevators: The elevators are the movable surfaces at the rear of an aircraft that control its pitch.
  • Rudder: The rudder is the movable surface on the tail of an aircraft that controls its yaw.
  • Landing Gear: The landing gear is the system of wheels or skids that support an aircraft when it is on the ground.

Vehicle Components

CNC machining creates a variety of vehicle components with a high level of precision. These parts can include engine parts, suspension components and drivetrain parts, to name a few.

With CNC machining, you can create these parts with very tight tolerances, essential for ensuring that vehicles operate safely and efficiently.

Some of the most common vehicle components machined using CNC technology include:

  • Engine blocks: CNC machining fabricates the intricate channels and passages found in engine blocks. This helps to ensure that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Suspension components: CNC machining is often used to create suspension components such as control arms, ball joints and more. This allows for a high degree of accuracy when assembling these components.
  • Drivetrain parts: Many drivetrain parts, such as gears and shafts, are machined using CNC technology. This helps to ensure that the parts fit together perfectly and operate smoothly.

Firearm Parts

Parts produced via CNC machining are also found in a variety of firearms. Components such as triggers, bolts and barrels require the extreme precision available with this technology.

In fact, many firearm manufacturers rely on CNC machining to produce the critical parts that make up their products. This ensures accuracy and consistency from one gun to the next.

Most common firearms that use CNC machined parts:

  • Pistol components: slides, frames, and barrels
  • Safety locks: for preventing accidental discharge
  • Firing pins: for initiating the firing process
  • Pivot pins: connect the upper and lower receivers of a firearm
  • Choke tubes: used on shotguns to adjust the shot pattern
  • Bolt carriers: house the bolt and firing pin in an AR-15 style rifle
  • Suppressor cores: provide the main body and baffles of a suppressor
  • Suppressor baffles: direct the gasses and sound away from the shooter’s ear

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